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Increase Loading Blog with Simple Way

increase blog
Many ways to increase loading blog. You can compress your css files, javascript files and html files. You can also reduce your image size, remove useless widget blog, etc.

If you see Page View Source this blog, you will not find the css files above the ]]></b:skin> code for this blog because i remove that code and replace it with a link file i uploaded and place it below the ]]></b:skin> code. Is this an effective way to increase loading blog?? (reduce blog size)

Here are the results of a comparison between file css above ]]></b:skin> code and just copy the link and place it below ]]></b:skin> code.

increase loading blog
Screenshot css file above the ]></b:skin> code (click image to enlarge)

increase loading blog
Screenshot css file just copy a link file and place it below the ]></b:skin> code (click image to enlarge)

I use tool from Seo Centro to measure my blog size and the result based on images above :

- Before i use that method my blog size 61747 bytes and after use that method, my blog size 53911 bytes (reduced approximately 7000 bytes !!)

Is a significant blog size decrease, is not it?

How ??

Copy your css blog file to Notepad. Save as .css. Upload that file to web file hosting and copy the link, then paste below the ]></b:skin> code.

<link href='URL-FILE-CSS-HERE' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>

Beside that tips to increase loading blog, you can use other simple way to increase your loading blog. Just put a slash at the end of links. Slash ("/") at the end link like http://freetemplate-ajah.blogspot.com/ is to identify the web server, that the link points to a directory.

You can find here for more tips how to increase loading blog

Note :
- I measured the results of comparison at 6 January, 2010. You can see that post in my other blog here.
- You can use Google Site as the web file hosting.
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xlpharmacy said...

I can’t stand slow blogs, and it’s great that you don’t use the Wibiya toolbar—that thing drive me crazy and usually slows down the computer. While my computer is fairly fast, it’s not the fastest in the world, so I really appreciate people who optimize their websites and blogs to load faster on older computers. One good reason why you shouldn’t use Flash!

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