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Online File Compressor to Increase Loading Blog

css compressorIf in my previous post about increase loading blogs with a simple way, with css file as an external link, this time post still same about how to increase loading blog but with compressing files online.

Here are the online tools to compress file like css compressor, javascript compressor, html compressor and image compressor.

CSS compressor

1. CSS Drive

2. CSS Compressor

3. Arantius

4. Clean CSS

5. Lottery Post

6. Pingates

7. Page Column

8. Askapache

9. Php Insider

css compressor10. Ice Board

12. Compressor

13. Peterbe

14. Refresh SF

15. Mab Blog

16. Seven Forty

17. Creatyvist

18. Homepage Performance

19. Generate It

20. CSS Portal

JavaScript Compressor

1. JavaScript Compressor

2. Creatyvist

3. JS Compress

4. Compressor Rater

5. About

6. Minify JavaScript

javascript compressor7. Dynamic Tool

8. Askapache

9. Minify JS

10.Compress JavaScript

11. Lottery Post

12. Huffman Javascript

13. Closure Compiler

14. Design 215

15. Milonic

16. Joliclic Code

17. YUI 2Clics

18. Felgall

19. LZ77

20. Pink Orange

html compressorHTML Compressor

1. Text Fixer

2. Boryi

Image Optimizer

1. Dynamic Drive

2. Image Optimizer

3. Stanley Shilov Image Compression

4. Jpeg Compress

5. Srink Pictures

6. Resize 2Mail

7. Jpeg-Optimizer

8. Smush It

9. Puny PNG

10. Gif Bot

image compressor11. Iresize

12. My Imager

13. Pic Resize

14. Web Resizer

15. Chami Jpeg Compressor

16. Image My Addr

17. Jpeg / Gif Compress

18. Jpeg Reducer

19. Compression Link Info
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