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Column Magazine White Blogger Template

In my previous post, Free Blogger Template Column Magazine Dark, i want release other version of color this template and now, Column Magazine White ready download for free.

Here is the screenshot

free blogger template magazine style column magazine white

You can see demo live or download this template for free

* Please attention setting of this template
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Beben said...

walah ieu ketemu mas master blog lagih euy...
review ah blognyah....gaya mantap cing...
salam tepang kang ireng, kapan atuh bodasna kang?

abinya syafiq said...

nuhun kang, bagi2 template na

ireng_ajah said...

#Sobat Beben : bodasna nke mun geus dicet bodas, hehehehe..

#Sobat Abinya Syafiq : Sama2 mas..

Update Gadget Reviews said...

Nice template,,
View my blog,, my blog use this template,,

eddy jason said...

Hi there...

I really loved your template and wanna change my old template, just a quick question
>can I add pages to this blog like abc.com/link1,or abc.com/link exchange and how to do it so

undertaker said...

nice template

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